8 types of garden edging: features and properties


If you have a country house, most likely you wonder how to best design the borders of paths and flower beds with the help of garden edging on the plot?

A garden edging in Toronto and Ontario should not only look attractive, but it should also be durable and perform its role well. Namely, to keep the soil from spilling out of the beds and hold the borders. It is also desirable that it does not require much time for care and repair.

There are many types of edging. If you choose the wrong one, you can waste time and money.

This article tells you what types of garden edging there are, and describes the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

Garden edging made of sidewalk tiles


Sidewalk tiles are one of the easiest and most economical ways to make a beautiful and durable edging. It is much cheaper than similar-looking natural materials. Tile is very resistant to aggressive environmental influences. It will not be damaged by chemical fertilizers and constant humidity.

With tiles, you can create flowerbeds of any shape. It is quite a heavy material, and it holds the borders well. The shape of the fence does not change over time.

Garden edging made of paving tiles will last for many years.

The only inconvenience of the material is that the laying of tiles requires some effort. First, a groove is dug, then covered with geotextile, covered with sand, leveled and tamped. Tiles are hammered into the sand with a mallet.

But subsequently this fence does not require any maintenance.

The appearance, if you choose the right tiles, is beyond praise. It advantageously emphasizes both large and small flowers. The tile border blends harmoniously with the plants and adds beauty to your site.

Plastic garden edging


The biggest advantage of a plastic edging is its price. There is no cheaper curbs. Also its great advantages are resistance to chemicals, ultraviolet light, it perfectly withstands frost and heat.

It is easy to give it absolutely any shape. The plastic band is free to bend. The curb is very lightweight, so it is easy to transport and lay it.

Unfortunately, such fences are usually not characterized by durability. On average, they last for a couple of years. It should be taken into account that they often lose their shape under the pressure of the earth.

But they are very easy to install. There is no need to dig a trench, no need to arrange a foundation. The plastic strip is cut with garden shears. The curb should simply be dug into the perimeter of the flower bed.

Subsequently, the plastic curb does not require any maintenance.

This is a quick, easy and cheap solution for your site. Keep in mind that the plastic curb has a purely technical function, not a decorative one. Getting aesthetic pleasure from it is hardly possible.

Metal garden edging


Metal edging is much more expensive than plastic edging.

Usually fences are made of stainless steel, copper or aluminum. Metal is a resistant material that can withstand aggressive external conditions – humidity, acidity, temperature fluctuations. Such borders are well suited for flowerbeds with strict geometry.

Edging does not weigh much, and it is relatively easy to transport and install. At the same time the installation of edging does not require complex ground works and foundation devices. It is enough to sink the metal strip into the ground. If necessary, you can easily move the curb to another place.

Metal can last for years. At the same time, it perfectly holds the borders. The only drawback is that it corrodes over time.

Metal curb does not require any maintenance.

Just like a plastic one, a metal curb usually solves purely technical problems. Its appearance will hardly make the site attractive.

Brick garden edging


One economical edging option is a edging made of bricks. Often there are extra bricks left over after building a house or fence, and such curbing provides an opportunity to put them to good use.

The disadvantage of bricks is that they crumble quickly in the ground when exposed to frost.

A brick edging can easily be shaped straight or curved.

It is quite a heavy fence. Therefore, the edging perfectly holds the pressure of the ground and retains its shape.

Usually brick edging is not long lasting. Its lifespan depends a lot on the method of laying and the quality of the material.

The longest is the brick, which was laid on the cement mortar.

Subsequently, the curb does not require any maintenance.

Brick edging looks especially harmonious, if the house is also built of brick. Also, brick allows you to create complex multi-level fences. The most beautiful structures are made of facing bricks.

Concrete garden edging


Concrete edging is a classic of the genre, reliable and durable. The materials used are available and relatively inexpensive.

Concrete perfectly withstands frost and does not crumble. It also successfully resists other environmental factors: moisture, UV light, chemical fertilizers.

With the concrete mixture you can create a beautiful flexible edging. Clear, rectangular shapes also look good with it.

This is a heavy construction. Therefore, and the work with it is quite labor-intensive. Also, having built a edging in one place, it is no longer possible to move it.

But it is very durable. A concrete edging in Toronto can serve for decades.

The installation work will require some effort. You can buy ready-made concrete blocks. And you can independently install the formwork and pour concrete. If you want the curb to have a certain color, you can add a dye to the concrete mixture.

The curb does not require any maintenance.

The appearance of the concrete fence can be different. It can be very attractive, or it can be gray and boring. Here it all depends on you!

Stone garden edging


Stone edging in Toronto will require a certain material investment. Natural stone is not a cheap material. But such curbs look very attractive.

Stone is resistant to chemical fertilizers, aggressive environmental factors and mechanical influences.

It can be used to decorate a path or flowerbed of any shape.

Stone curbs have a large weight, and this creates some inconvenience when laying.

To install the fence, you should dig a trench, fill it with drainage, compact it and put agrovolok. Without agrofiber, weeds will begin to sprout between the stones.

The service life of a stone curb can be more than a dozen years. It also does not need any special care.

There are many kinds of stones on the market with different colors and textures. So you can easily find the one that will fit most effectively into your plot.

Wooden garden edging


Arranging a wooden edging usually requires minimal cost. Often you can use leftover lumber after the construction of the house.

Such a fence is not particularly durable and without a special impregnation will rot very quickly.

It is more convenient to emphasize rectangular shapes with wooden edging.

The fence does not have a very heavy weight and its installation is not difficult. It is necessary to dig a trench, fill in drainage and put down material for waterproofing.

Wood is not durable, deteriorates literally in a couple of years. Therefore, the curb requires periodic treatment with special impregnants.

A beautiful wooden fence gives the site a special expressiveness. It is especially suitable for private houses in the “country” style. And simple boards are a classic option for the design of flowerbeds.

Among wooden edging you can choose a variant for any taste and color.

What type of garden edging should I choose?

If you do not care about appearance, choose a:

  • plastic;
  • metal;
  • or board edging.

And if you want a fence that pleases the eye, choose the one you like best and that suits your cost. At the same time, take into account the durability and the need for maintenance in the process of operation.

Now feel free to get to work on your plot, armed with the tips from this article. Or forget about the hassle of installing garden edging in Toronto and Ontario by contacting our company Captain Handy. We can help you with all types of renovation and landscaping services.

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