Budget landscaping

Budget landscaping

It all starts with analyzing the territory, finding ideas, planning and zoning.

Budget landscaping means that you can do everything yourself, or order this service from us! Look at your plot, measure the area and put it on paper with the location of the already existing objects that you leave (house, pergola, pond, beds, swings, etc.). What you will clean does not enter into the drawing.

The fundamental point is inspiration. Open magazines, the Internet – look for images that inspire you, select what you want to repeat or make something similar.

Dial as many images as you like – don’t limit yourself. At the same time, start thinking about the layout and zoning of your site. Imagine what you would like to see in the area and sketch a plan, don’t forget the paths. Think about what you need: a big garden? a flower garden? a place for children’s games? an empty space with a lawn? a place to relax? It is important to soberly assess the area and your possibilities – then everything will work out.

In terms of plan, write notes about the soil and terrain features of the site. It’s about time you knew what plants, trees, shrubs and flowers you will plant, what materials and equipment you will need and for what purpose. On a separate sheet, write down those plants that you already have. Budget landscaping design is exactly what you need!

Take into account the position of the sides of the world. Budget landscape design!

On a garden plot everything must be positioned correctly in relation to the sides of the world. This is necessary for comfortable rest and a rich harvest.

  • The north side will be in the shade – an ideal place to relax.
  • On the east side, sunrise to noon and sunshine – create a place to relax or an island for children to play.
  • The west side is well lit by the sun from noon until sunset.
  • The south side is considered the best for vegetable beds and flowerbeds. The sun is in this part during the whole daylight.

Budget landscaping: how to make a site better

You can find the furnishing materials right at your cottage: they are stored in barns or storage rooms. Interesting and simple ideas can be found on our website.

  • Remove weeds and clean up trees, shrubs, etc. Get rid of waste and unnecessary things.
  • Refresh the facade of the house, gazebo, benches, tables and other buildings.
  • Trees above the fence will visually expand the space.

Don’t you want to overpay? Order a budget landscaping through our website!

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