How do you add a veranda to your house in Toronto. Build a veranda.

Build a veranda

The veranda attached to the house is good in that it can not only increase the usable area of the country building itself, but also be used as a multifunctional room.

Any country house will look more stylish and original, which is important for emphasizing its financial position and sense of style. And the country area will look exquisite if there is a high-quality and stylish veranda.

Construction of the veranda does not require much effort, for example, as the construction of a full-fledged country house, so you can handle it with your own hands. But in any case, building a veranda to the house with their own hands needs the use of appropriate materials and tools.

Build a veranda. Useful and important tips for veranda construction

When the veranda is planned and designed together with the base for the main house, because it is possible to create a solid monolithic foundation, which guarantees the strength and durability of the structure. But what if you want to build a veranda after the house has been put into operation? In this case it is necessary to note the corresponding rules, which will help to cope with all the tasks at the appropriate level.

Build a veranda. Rules for individual veranda construction:

Different building materials with their characteristic features can be used for construction. The cheapest and at the same time the highest quality option is considered to be construction with a timber frame;

It is recommended to build a veranda without fixing it to the main building, because as a result the foundation of the house will have uneven shrinkage, which will lead to certain deformations in the future. If the fastening is very strong and rigid, the attached veranda can “lead” the whole structure;

It is better to create a column foundation, because it is strong and easy to implement, which makes it much faster and more practical to cope with the work;

If you decide to create an extension with your own hands to a brick house, it is important to waterproof between the wall of the house and the extension, so that the frame material does not deform as a result of prolonged use near the brick wall.

Simple nuances and rules will help to use the attached veranda for a long time at a high level of quality and reliability.

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