Building a gazebos


Construction of any gazebos consists of five main stages: design, marking, preparation of the base, assembly of the construction itself and finishing. All this can be done by yourself, even if you have very little experience in such cases.With a competent choice of materials and forms of construction, the construction of the gazebo with their own hands will not cause great difficulties.

Variants of gazebos

Metal gazebos

Metal gazebos are easy to assemble and high durability. The frame can be lined with a wagon, polycarbonate, corrugated sheeting or installed on the perimeter of forged grids. For the manufacture of the framework usually use profile pipes with a wall thickness of 2 mm. Constructions are divided into collapsible and welded, depending on the method of installation. In collapsible gazebos elements are fastened with bolts; such skeletons can be easily dismantled and stored in a dry room until spring.

Installation of the welded frame is much quicker and requires less effort: the support posts are simply welded to the cross strapping and the roof frame. The disadvantage of metal pergolas is their susceptibility to corrosion, so each structure element must be treated with a primer and painted.

Brick gazebos

The gazebos made of bricks look solid and very attractive, practically do not require maintenance and are very durable. Ornamental brick buildings with curly plants look particularly stylish. Such pergolas can be open and closed, round, square, hexagonal. Since the brick – non-combustible material, it is in such structures do built-in barbecues and barbecue plates.

Wooden gazebos

Wooden gazebos are probably the most popular. Beams, logs, boards, chipboard and plywood, even strong rods are used for construction. The technology of wooden frame assembly is simple and clear enough, so anyone can do it. Wooden elements must be treated with antiseptic primer mixtures and protective coating in the form of varnish or paint. In addition, the use of flame retardants is recommended, especially if there is a barbecue nearby.

Combined gazebos

The combination of different materials in the construction of the gazebo is also not uncommon. Sometimes this is due to savings: after a major overhaul or construction is left brick, steel pipes, boards, which individually for the whole gazebo is not enough. In other cases, the reason for this decision is the desire to fantasize and create something exclusive, and most often the materials are combined to simplify the construction process.

Other differences in gazebos include the shape and type of construction. They are rectangular, hexagonal, octahedral; by type they are divided into open and closed. The roof of an gazebo also is mounted in various variants: it can be single, gable, pyramidal or many-sided.

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