Construction of a summer kitchen with a pergola


In hot weather you don’t want to hang out in a tight, stuffy room. Fortunately, at the summer cottage you can arrange a construction of a summer kitchen with a pergola, which is pleasant to be in thanks to the constant supply of fresh air. In addition, the food cooked in the open air is more delicious and appetising.

Construction of a summer kitchen with a pergola is not as expensive and complex as it may seem at first sight. In addition, the room can be made spacious, which will allow you to spend your holidays and home meals there. On the Internet there are many projects with photos, among which to choose the appropriate in appearance and functionality is not difficult.

The advantages of this design include:

  • Space saving – it will not be necessary to build a separate kitchen and gazebo, both rooms will be combined in one project.
  • Independence from weather conditions – the roof over your head and good walls will protect you from winds, rain and other atmospheric phenomena.
  • Comfortable conditions for relaxation – if you equip a gazebo with a kitchen and a dining area, you will not have to wait for food to be served.

Choose a place for future construction for the summer kitchen with a pergola.

  • A cool, secluded corner surrounded by trees is a suitable option.
  • Please note that the shade from the gazebo can be large, so you should not place it near the garden.
  • It is better to erect a structure close to the main house so that the necessary communications do not have to be pulled far.
  • The location of the pergola near the column or cellar is also a convenient option.

Types, sizes, layout of the summer kitchen

The construction of a summer kitchen with a pergola can be either open or closed. The second option is more practical, because it can be used in any weather. But an open pergola will be a great addition to the summer atmosphere at your summer cottage: you can enjoy the scents and sounds of nature.

 The scale of the pergola should be selected based on the size of the plot, and the style should match the landscape.

Most often the buildings are made of stone or glass, as these materials are in harmony with the natural surroundings.

Construction of a summer kitchen with a pergola are also built of polycarbonate, metal or plastic, which are characterized by high performance. Structures made of polymers are durable and extremely lightweight, so you do not need to install a powerful foundation. In addition, polycarbonate structures have an attractive appearance.

Necessary equipment for the construction of the summer kitchen with a pergola

The interior design of the kitchen depends on the needs, preferences and financial possibilities of the owner. The room can be equipped with the latest technology or a simpler option. When building a stone or brick pergola, do not forget to provide a chimney.

For construction made of plastic or polycarbonate, an electric or gas cooker hob is the best option, and the extractor hood will help prevent the accumulation of odors.  A charcoal grill or barbecue will also fit perfectly into such a construction.

It is important to provide space in the kitchen for the table, worktop, as well as cabinets and pedestals for convenient storage of kitchenware and food.

Main stages of summer kitchen construction

They’re developing a project first. You can take advantage of the ready variants, photos of which are presented in a large number on the Internet, invent it yourself or apply for development to designers.

A closed pergola necessarily implies a strong foundation, so calculate your strength and resources in advance. The depth of a ribbon or column base for this type of construction is 70 cm.

Sequence of works:

  • On the site of the future structure, the right depth of soil is dug.
  • The excavation is eliminated.
  • Pour in the foundation and leave for 5-7 days for hardening.

The base of the pergola is ready.

After the work is done, erect the walls according to the project. Then arrange the roof, taking into account the chimney, exhaust or ventilation. The roof is often made of polycarbonate.

This material does not require any additional maintenance, it is enough to periodically wash off the dust with water pressure from a garden hose.

Usually a closed pergola with a summer kitchen has one or two doors, but a more interesting option is French glazing. These are windows throughout the height of the walls, can be arched or trapezoidal.

Summing up.

Designing a summer kitchen with a pergola provides many options for experimenting with types of materials and architectural styles. Construction does not take much time, requires little material investment and effort. Thanks to the summer kitchen with gazebo you can enjoy nature and excellent outdoor cooking.

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