Construction of pergola in Toronto


Construction of pergola in Toronto is a great price and quality just for you. Wooden pergola, stone pergolas and many more different kinds at the best price we have! Order the service right now.

Construction of pergola in Toronto and Ontario projects and prices, individual approach, modern construction technology! Design and construction of pergolas from quality materials.

Probably anyone would agree that an outdoor patio, buried in the green, is the best place to relax at your summer house. Here you can hide from the scorching sun or shelter from the rain, drink evening tea while watching the sunset, or have a barbecue with friends.

Construction of pergola

There are several materials that are suitable for its production:

  • brick;
  • beam;
  • profile metal pipe;
  • frame.

To build a pergola quickly and cheap, you should choose a frame option. The price depends on the chosen size and project. In the company “Captain Handy” you can order a pergola for recreation and a pergola barbecue. They will be an ornament of any cottage plot!

Each option is attractive in its own way. In one easily fit a large company, and the other will be a favorite place for romantic gatherings of a married couple. Even if you think that your cottage is not enough free space, choose a small octagonal wooden pergola at the best price. If your family and friends are going to fry a delicious kebab in the countryside in winter and summer, a spacious barbecue pergola is for you!

It’s big, spacious. It has a special area for rest and preparation of delicious meat.

Building of pergolas

There’s a lot of construction companies in Toronto. You should carefully study all offers to choose the most worthy. First of all, you should clarify what is included in the price, and for what you will be forced to pay extra.

By contacting the company “Captain Handy” in Toronto, you will receive the following services for the construction of pergolas:

1. Preparatory work for the construction of the foundation, materials for it and installation.

2. Waterproofing with roofing felt.

3. Floors.

4. Walls with decorative elements.

5. Window openings with decorative grilles.

6. Roofing.

7. Some projects have fixed benches.

8. Delivery and assembly on your site.

All these services are already included in the price. When ordering the construction of wooden pergolas you can include a number of additional works. For example, glazing or installation of curtains made of flexible glass. Such simple manipulations will allow you to comfortably use it even in the cold season.

To make your purchase even more profitable, do not miss the opportunity to order at summer prices! So you will save from 10 to 15%. Call right now and find out about our promotions and great offers.

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