Design of a house plot. Beauty in Simplicity


Landscape design of a house plot is an excellent solution for improving your home and land. Price, quality and speed are our main arguments.

Everything must be beautiful not only in a person, but also around him, as the level of comfort depends directly on the environment. And the country house is moved to enjoy not only the silence and fresh air, but also the beautiful, tastefully decorated adjacent area. And it will be like this only if the design of a house plot is designed and thought through to detail.

Given that the yard carries, above all, the functional load and is the main place for the whole family to spend time in the warm season, comfort is as important as a stylish view. With the right approach, the site should be both practical and aesthetically pleasing to its owners. The art of themed beautification, originally born in the magnificent palace gardens, gradually moved into the private sphere and helps transform the countryside.

Features of sites of different sizes. Design of a house plot

At first glance, the landscape design of a house plot of standard size, that is, six acres, as before, or even four acres, as now, is easier to implement than in a vast area. In fact, just the most problems arise from the small area, and if it is also a non-standard form, without the involvement of specialists to do almost impossible. And it is desirable to address them at the stage of development of the project house, if it is a new site or new construction on the old site.

In the process of beautification of plots of different areas have their own difficulties. In the case of a compact yard, the design of a house plot photos and visualization show a laconic, which is natural. For excesses and abundance of garden decor simply no extra space, all exclusively functional and decorative.

The basic minimum includes the house, as a rule, two-storey due to lack of land, as well as a small but relaxing area with a pergola or outdoor area such as a patio or a fire (barbecue) area. In front of the house in the entrance area for a full front garden is unlikely to find a place, so go around a free flower bed or mixer above the fence and a beautiful path with a slave. It is possible to order the landscaping of a small plot with a decorative water reservoir in the form of a portable fountain or a pond with a mountaineering area and a waterfall to dilute the minimalist image.

Plots of average size of 8-15 weaving are optimal for design, as the land is sufficient for several functional zones, and the basic set of objects can be expanded. Usually a children’s and a sports ground is added to the recreation area, and an open patio, terrace or pavilion for the summer season is combined with a capital stove or grill house. Instead of a small decorative pond, you can create a landscape design of a house plot with a decorative swimming pool, for example, next to the bathhouse to use it as a font.

Big lands, in a few tens of hectares are interesting because they are practically not limited in styles, moreover, each zone is really decorated in its own style and get at the output is not a mishmash, and presentable yard. If there is no desire to mix, a spacious area is an ideal basis for a garden in a regular style, especially when the architecture of the house is appropriate. But it is not without difficulties, if a small yard is difficult to fit even the necessary, not to mention the desired, the vast area must be organically filled with something.

Most often as a “filler” landscape design uses lawns: classic, sports, Moorish or their combinations. The regular style is also characterized by large flower beds with complex geometric ornament, framed by topiarium and paths, or even a full maze of hedges. The choice of stylistics depends both on the owners’ preferences and the relief, soil composition, architecture of the house and buildings.

It is inexpedient to try to implement a style that does not fit into the original data, and too expensive in financial terms. Specialists will offer ideas for the design of a house plot, most suitable for specific conditions, and several options for visualization will allow you to choose the most spectacular.

Sites of improvement. Landscape design of a house plot

While the needs of each family are individual, living out of town, it is impossible to do without a specific set of objects. The focus of all is a comfortable house, surrounded in one order or another by the following areas and structures.

  • Entrance area, mainly with parking under a shed, especially if it is not a capital house, but a seasonal holiday home.
  • In addition to the house, the main area has a guest house, summer kitchen.
  • According to fire regulations, it is forbidden to have a sauna near the house, but on six sotka do not swing much, especially given the indent from the fence of 1 meter and the road of 3 meters. Therefore, on large areas of the bath is placed in a recreation area or a garden and park behind the house, and on small built where the place allows, taking into account the area of the main house. Although it is useless to try to use ready-made layouts without adjusting to their conditions, on a successful landscape design of a house plot photos and schemes is easy to find in the free access.
  • On small plots it is necessary to combine zones, usually combine a recreation area behind the house and a garden and park area, the trees are located in the far side so that they do not shade the area. In the recreation area instead of a pergola can be a terrace or pergola with a transparent polycarbonate canopy.
  • Often in country associations and cottage settlements there is no centralized communications and in this case, the territory should be placed engineering systems. This includes a local wastewater treatment plant or septic tank with filtration fields, and a well or well. For storage of flowers and tools, the design of a house plot by own hands or by professionals should include at least a small hozblok or barn. When space allows, it is complemented by a workshop and a woodblock. Even with gas or electric heating in the house is almost always a modern bourgeois or fireplace, and a woodblock can be made a great decoration of the plot.

In order for the development to look harmonious and all buildings were functional, observe rational proportions – the house should occupy about 10% of the total area. When the family is large and the plot cannot boast of it, one and a half or two floors with comfortable stairs become the exit. Choosing a place for the building, take into account not only the regulatory tolerances, but also the orientation to the sides of the world, the location of the house and host buildings on adjacent plots, as well as the proposed design.


The largest area is the garden and park area – it can take up to 75%, but when the design of a house plot of 6 weaving, landscaping elements are dispersed throughout the territory. The remaining 15-20% belong to the recreation area and the entrance group, but in fact, all zones are mixed, and compliance with proportions is more concerned with objects.

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