Designer ideas for beautiful kitchen renovation in North York or East York


Beautiful kitchen renovation – an important stage in any restructuring of the house!

When there is a question about the design and decoration of the kitchen, even the smallest little things matter. The room should be not only functional and comfortable, but also cozy. If you seriously think about changes, the designers of the company “Captain Handy” will tell you how to make a beautiful kitchen renovation in East York.

The best color solutions. Beautiful kitchen renovation in North York

For kitchen renovation in North York, designers recommend choosing the following shades

  • White. Totally white kitchen will always look clean and tidy. To add wooden textures or gray elements to make your kitchen look cozy.
  • Gray. This is the optimal solution to create a discreet interior. If desired, gray can be easily diluted with bright colors.
  • Beige. It is a soft, warm color with almost no visible spots. White and brown elements can be used as accents.
  • Yellow. A bright shade allows you to set the mood and will keep you warm even on hot days. It combines well with white, light grey and green.
  • Green. It allows you to create a cozy and peaceful atmosphere in the kitchen. The shade is well supplemented with brown and grey.

The main thing when choosing colors is to use a simple, but effective rule: do not combine more than 3 at once.

Beautiful and inexpensive kitchen repair in East York with the island

In order to expand the space in a small house to repair an apartment in North York, you can include a combination of living room and kitchen. The easiest way to do this is to partially or completely remove the partition dividing the rooms.

In its place you can put a folding table or create there a kitchen island of smaller size. This allows you to adapt the space to your needs. Most often, additional cabinets or drawers are placed on an island or peninsula.

It is best to entrust the redevelopment process to specialists, who will help you to properly zoning the space and choose the optimal design. Services of designers are inexpensive, but turning to professionals you get a fully developed project.

Small kitchen renovation in York – cheap and beautiful

If you do not want to expand your space, you should pay attention to the kitchen renovation in York in Scandinavian style. Within this concept, you can use colors that visually increase the space. The effect can be further enhanced by using glossy or retroreflective materials.

Beautiful kitchen renovation in North York will look good with a light floor. And the coating can be both imitated natural materials, and be decorated with patterns. An additional plus of this solution is the visual absence of dirt and even more light in the room. It is worth giving up black and its derivatives, as they will attract attention and will be beaten out of the general concept.

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