How do I plan the driveway to the house and the area between the facade and the fence? Should it be decorated, turned into a blossoming garden or planted with trees? There are many questions, and our selection will show you the solutions where functionality meets beauty.

Building a house is a huge responsibility. Everyone who has gone through the process, especially for the first time, knows that many solutions require knowledge and patience. Difficulties can arise at any stage from foundation design to site planning.

Do not leave the site design at the very end and try to plan it at the earliest stages. As the plot is an integral part of any house.

The driveway or front road is the part of the plot that is in front of the main facade of the house and adjoins the road, whether it is an driveway or an internal road (if you do not live in the middle of the forest). If the location of the access road is not properly designed – expect problems during the location and breakdown of the building on the site. This is a very important issue to consider at the very beginning of the design and construction of the house.

Properly determining the width of the road, as well as the pavement and landscaping of the driveway will create a unique country house face.

Build Driveway

Depending on whether you have decided to build driveway before construction or after completion of your activities, things will be a little different. Planning a solid surface – roads and paths – is an important element of any construction. It is very important to remember about comfort: the width of the roadway should be at least 3 meters. In case of a sidewalk – the minimum width is 80 centimeters.

The material of lanes and sidewalks depends on financial possibilities, obviously, the longer they are saved, the less problems they will have in future use. When planning a hard surface, do not forget to install and lay pipes that usually run along the section. If you miss this step, you may find that you will need to dismantle a newly laid area of paving stone or asphalt to lay pipes, which of course will incur additional costs.

What should be remembered when building the driveway?

Errors happen to everyone and when constructing the driveway you should keep in mind the width and slope of the road so that you can drive easily and comfortably. The driveway must have an appropriate gradient of kerbs. The better the access road is made, the longer it will be in use and the lower the repair costs.

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