Features of a rolled lawn


Traditionally, the territory near the house was sown with certain grass mixtures, which, growing, gave a beautiful result in the form of a lush carpet of greenery. But nowadays, this method is not quite rational, as it requires a lot of time and effort. A more advantageous option in this regard is rolled lawns – ready-made carpets of unpretentious grass in Toronto.

Advantages and disadvantages of rolled lawn

  • Ease of use. Such a covering easily tolerates the cold. In addition, cleaning the rolled lawn is much easier than the self-grown.
  • Unpretentiousness. Rolled lawn perfectly grows in places inaccessible to sunlight. Due to this, the territory will have a bright and lush emerald color on all sides of the site. Such coverage can be repaired. It is enough to cut off the damaged part and replace it with a new one. But it is necessary to remember that the lawn will have to be watered periodically.
  • Suitable for uneven surfaces. Rolled lawns hide the relief areas of the plot, making it visually more even.
  • High price. On average, the cost of one roll of the size of 1 m² depends on the variety and favorability of cultivation. Therefore, such a covering will cost the user a very round sum. Although the high price of this product will compensate future time, effort and money for the care and secondary conversion of the lawn

Types of rolled lawn

Depending on the type of area to be treated, a distinction is made:

  1. standard lawn (used for cottage plots, homestead areas, etc.);
  2. universal (used for those areas, where there is little sunlight. The brightness and juiciness of the green carpet is provided by a special kind of unpretentious grass);
  3. sports lawn (such roll turf is used on territories with heavy traffic, for example, on a soccer field).

Recommendations for laying and care of rolled lawn

  • Before laying the lawn, it is necessary to pre-prepare the ground: level the soil, if necessary, by covering it with a layer of fertile soil.
  • It is not recommended to lay the lawn in autumn, as in case of a sudden cold snap grass will not have time to take root in the ground.
  • When laying the lawn, it is desirable to observe a certain slope of the soil. This will help to avoid moisture stagnation, and, consequently, deterioration of the grass cover.
  • To care for rolled lawns, purchase additional equipment – a rake, a special machine for mowing grass, a lawn roller, as well as the necessary fertilizer.

Rolled lawn laying technology


Laying is carried out as follows:

  • Prepare the ground, clean it from weeds and debris.
  • Then carry out the drainage procedure. This is done as follows: remove the top layer of soil, then pour a layer of pebbles, and on it – the sand. After all, the earth is compacted and a layer of soil is laid back.
  • Laying rolls is carried out only in a straight line. If the area has significant irregularities, they should be previously covered with soil.
  • Lawn layers are laid in a staggered pattern, each time shifting the roll on half of the previous cloth. Such a technique is necessary to ensure that the layers are closely adjacent to each other.
  • A knife or a shovel remove the edges of the turf to mark the boundary of the site.
  • The joints between the layers are smeared with a special mixture designed for laying roll lawns.
  • For the shrinkage of the lawn use a special roller that passes over the entire territory of the site.
  • In order for the grass roots to firmly consolidate in the soil, you need to keep the lawn for 30 days.

How to care for your lawn


Immediately after the rolls have been laid, the lawn should be abundantly watered. Carry out this procedure for 14 days. Then watering the lawn should be limited to 2 times (if there is a lot of sand) or once a week (in all other cases).

You should also keep an eye on the condition of the lawn grass cover, since the soil type is different in all plots. If the lawn has faded, it should be watered liberally. During periods of drought, the lawn should be moistened twice as intensely. At the same time, during normal times, watering should be moderate, because excessive moisture promotes the growth of weeds.

In addition, the out-of-towner needs to stock up on nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus fertilizers.

After the rolled lawn has been cured for a month, it should be mowed with a lawnmower. This will ensure that the lawn is bright and lush with green grass. The lawn should be cut by 3-6 cm every 7 days. Do not cut it too short, as this will cause the grass to die off. If the height of the lawn is less than 3 cm, there is a high risk of weeds.

To create favorable conditions conducive to the growth of grass, it is necessary to aerate the site. To do this, it is not necessary to have special devices, it is enough to pierce the turf to a shallow depth. It is also recommended to comb the grass with a rake and once a year to sprinkle it with a special composition of sand, peat and soil.

Rolled lawn is a very convenient and profitable way to ennoble the garden plot. The laying of coverage will take very little time, and the result will delight the owners throughout the year. Do not forget that the rolled lawn in Toronto, as well as self-grown, requires a certain care.

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