Fireplace in Newmarket – a focal element of the garden composition. Landscape design in Georgetown


Live fireplace in Georgetown – a powerful, pure energy, strong impressions, spectacular sight, an ancient human amulet.

The fire makes the rest in the garden more useful and rich. Bright flames, the crackling of logs, the smell of smoke fascinate attention, give a sense of peace, dispose to long and frank conversations.

An aesthetically designed place for open fire is an upward trend in landscape design in Pickering.

Decorating a yard in Pickering. Landscape design in Georgetown


The garden composition consists of details, carries a semantic load and always has a central decorative element. The focal point of the garden is consistent with the size of the area, accentuates the attention, distracting from small flaws.

Fireplace in Georgetown is removed from buildings, parking lots to avoid uncontrolled spread of fire. Bowl, the area around the fire is equipped with fire-resistant materials. The hearth may go deep into the ground or rise above it.

Types and forms of fire bowls. Fireplace in Pickering

The original and picturesque central component can be a fire bowl in Pickering.

It can be perfectly blended into the design of the adjacent area, complementing the rest area with a bench, repeating the configuration of the hearth, garden swing, wicker chairs or regular logs. When creating seats, you can use the design materials of the bowl itself.

The shape of a bonfire happens:

  • round
  • ellipsovid
  • square
  • triangular
  • polygonal

Build deep fireplace in Pickering


For him to prepare a shallow foundation pit, make sprinkling of sand or gravel. At the bottom of the metal rim is laid, the edges are lined with heat-resistant metal, lay blocks, refractory bricks, pour concrete.

The ground part around the pit is decorated with stone, laid with paving tiles or covered with pebbles. You can build deep fireplace in Pickeringwith the help of our team!

Ground stationary fireplace in Newmarket


This element of landscape design in Pickering usually has a unique design and is complemented by various accessories. Useful decorative component is used for heating, lighting, decorating the area, cooking delicacies on open fire.

The material for the creation of the bowls serves:

  • natural stone
  • brick
  • curbstone
  • cast iron
  • forged metal

Bonfire bowls of stone


Products made of natural material are constructed by hand, have high aesthetic value. Their installation is not limited to the style of landscape design in Newmarket.

Granite, cobblestone, travertine and sandstone are used to decorate the outside walls of the bowls. In addition to the stationary constructions are: gas equipment, stands, fuel mixing devices that simplify ignition and operation.

Advantages of the stone bowl:

  • natural landscape illusion
  • strength, durability
  • distinctive design

It is a bit simpler, but street hearths made of refractory bricks and kerb stones also look thoroughly.

Cups of cast iron, forged metal. Fireplace in Newmarket


Finished products simplify the organization of a site for fire. They are distinguished by their solid appearance and high decorative value.

Safe burning coals, keeping them inside the bowl provides the shape of the product, and sometimes used a mesh cap. In the process of burning firewood such a bowl is protected from foreign objects.

Designer cast hearths are decorated with shaped carving, an unusual combination of geometric parameters and shapes of hoods.

Moving Bowls. Fireplace in Pickering


Portable hearths are made of stone, black metal, galvanized steel, fire-resistant ceramics. Products have different sizes, can be transformed into a comfortable table, equipped with legs stands, lid, mesh lattice, have comfortable handles for safe movement.

In a mobile design provides a tray for collecting ash, coals. You can set such hearths on the lawn, terrace, in the gazebo. But to avoid fire, to create comfortable conditions for contemplation of live fire, it is better to arrange a special place for the hearth.

Fireplace in Newmarket made of natural materials do not emit hazardous substances when heated, they are practical and easy to use. Products do not require maintenance, conservation, at any time ready for use.

Create a warm atmosphere in the garden. Landscape design in Pickering


Landscape designers of the company Captain Handy provide services for the production of unique fire bowls made of natural stone, perform work on decorating the space around the hearth and seats.

We select ready-made fire bowls that match the garden composition and preferences of the owners, responsibly choose the place for open fire, harmonize the decorative and utilitarian functions of the hearth. The fire bowl in Pickering from our designers will decorate the garden even without fire.

We know how to tame a fire, make it safe, comfortable and functional. Professionally advise, create, enrich garden areas.

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