Garden paths in Toronto. The paving paths and sites in landscape design.


Garden paths in Toronto, what you need to know about work specifics, tools, work stages and complexity. You’ll learn all that from us in this article!

One of the most important steps in landscaping is the correct and sensible placement and paving of movement lanes and platforms. Garden paths on a site should not be small, they are necessary to facilitate the care of the garden, the separation of areas for recreation, for evening walks around the perimeter, free access to any objects on the site in any weather and season.

The materials used to create the paving paths

To date, the choice of materials for garden paving is very diverse. Paving from small materials such as bricks, tiles, blocks, attracts the eye with a rich variety of textures and provides many options for laying, which allows you to lay out paths of the most bizarre forms. But garden paving using fine material is more expensive than laying large slabs.

For paving paths and garden paving, materials such as these are used:

  • Tree (particularly hardwoods);
  • Synthetic fibers;
  • Different kinds of road slabs and blocks;
  • Concrete, gravel and crushed stone;
  • A crumb of different stones (from granite to marble);
  • Brick;
  • Cobblestone;
  • Asphalt.

The tiles are ideal for landscape design of fancy paths and interesting mosaic compositions. There are many ways to lay small shapes for the garden road and tile network. Beautifully laid tiles can successfully emphasize the interchanges of garden paths in Toronto.

Some paving elements can be made with large stone slabs or concrete blocks. Concrete blocks are very diverse in shape, size and texture. Among the large blocks of garden paths, the most advantageous look is the junction path. Concrete blocks have a wide variety of shapes and shades.

From granite paving stone looks very attractive in the garden various geometric compositions and circular motifs. You can use combinations of different materials to create mosaic patterns.

When choosing a natural stone for paving, you should take a close look at the shade of the earth in the garden and choose the stone in the appropriate colour palette.

Garden paving in Torotno can be made of gravel or crushed stone. Gravel will combine well with other materials. It can be placed between stones and slabs, and to prevent gravel tracks from falling apart, borders can be set and the gravel itself can be tamped.

Smooth concrete slabs can be used to pave open terraces and garden furniture can be placed on them.

When paving, you can combine different materials – artificial and natural. A nice looking path is obtained by combining different colours of stones in a chessboard order. Places with a drawing also look beautiful.

The paving of the sites can be divided into several species according to their functional purpose:

  • Places for passive recreation
  • Sports fields
  • Playgrounds for children
  • Parking lots
  • Economic sites
  • Picnic areas

Each type of site has its own material. For example, a stone does not correspond to a sports ground in any way.

Basic requirements for a garden path

  1. It has to look beautiful and like her.
  2. The road must be strong and durable.
  3. The road should be in good condition.

The choice of material for paving path and its appearance is determined by the customer and the landscape designer by prior arrangement.

In a modern landscape design, invisible borders can be defined with the help of paving and a harmoniously organized road-tropin network in the garden. It is essential that the paving of garden paths in Toronto is properly combined with the overall style of the house and garden. The paths are dual-purpose, and apart from their practical purpose, they provide easy and quick access to any corner of the garden.

They also play a purely aesthetic role, creating a perspective, unfolding the panorama and closing the visual perception of the garden as a whole, as well as individual parts of it.

Order turnkey garden paths from experienced professionals who are not only capable of fulfilling the order, but also recommend the best way to lay them out to create the most comfortable conditions.

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