Landscape design of the yard

Landscape design of the yard

Every homeowner, having a private home, knows that the interior and exterior design of the house is not everything, it is also important to create a beautiful and practical landscape design of the yard, which will serve as a place of pleasant recreation and entertainment.

 The main stages of landscape design of the yard:

 – Division into zones.

 – Decoration of lanes and platforms.

 – Gardening.

 – Water reservoirs.

 – Illumination.

Landscape design of the yard. Separation into zones.

The most important thing at this stage is to understand what a person wants to do in the designated area: sunbathe in the sun, have a tasty snack, sit in the shade behind your favorite book, swim in the pool, play a mobile game or grow flowers. After all, for each such activity should be allocated a specific area with the appropriate arrangement. Do not forget about the functionality and feasibility.

If space is limited, then you can think of options that will be easily transformed, for example, a lawn with loungers for relaxation can be transformed into a place for a pleasant meal, just replacing the folding table and chairs with awning from the sun. If desired, a fence made of greenery or any other material (garden screen, pergola, trellises) can be used as a fence for any area. This also provides additional protection from the sun or wind.

Landscape design of the yard. Decoration of paths and terraces

Here you can safely implement various ideas. Landscape design of the yard does not imply such an officiality as the front (where concrete slabs, paving stone or stone are often used), so a certain atmosphere of coziness and privacy is preserved. Yard paths can be shaped as round saws from the tree, not tightly adjusted to each other, and the space between them to fill with fine bark, sawdust, sand or crushed stone.

Prefabricated garden parquet from decking is gaining popularity and is being assembled from ready-made sections. The main rule in the design of paths and terraces is that the closer they are to each other, the more restrained their style should be, therefore, preferred options are: brick, paving stone, terrace board. As for the sites, the winning look is the area of irregular shape with filling of sand, gravel or any other natural materials.

Landscape design of the yard. Gardening

There are rules here:

 – to avoid sweeping all the time, conifers should not be planted on terraces;

 – those trees that fall off their leaves should be kept away from the pool or pond so as not to cause rotting;

 – larger specimens of plants or trees should be placed at the edge of the plot, giving the impression of a green hedge;

 – beautiful landscapes with different colours;

 – if the area is small, it is best to use the vertical method of gardening or to place alpine slides.

 If there is a green garden, in addition, it can be decorated with small decorativeelements such as: figures of dwarves or mushrooms.

Landscape design of the yard. Waterways

Many people’s dream is to have their own pool, it’s both leisure and active sport. If the area allows, the concrete structure will be appropriate, and for small plots will be suitable option inflatable swimming pool. For decoration equip an artificial reservoir – a pond. Dig a small foundation pit, and its bottom lined with film.

The shore is laid out with fine pebbles or natural stone. Also at the bottom of the pond are planted lotuses or lilies, and you can start a fish.

Landscape design of the yard. Coverage

Besides its main purpose, lighting creates a special atmosphere, a kind of fairytale and magic. Apply garden lights, lamps, lighting fixtures, garlands, fireplaces. Plants along the road, buildings, stairs, etc. are illuminated. It is worth determining the lighting power in advance, and you can save money if you use wind or solar energy. You can illuminate each area of the backyard in your own way, then it will create an extraordinary atmosphere and unique design.

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