Landscape lighting role in site improvement. Garden lighting

Landscape lighting

Landscape lighting

How pleasant it is to behold a garden flooded with light when the sun’s rays play with the emerald green of the lawn and flash all the rainbow flowers in the beds. And it makes me want to stop these moments. But many people don’t even know that at dusk and at night, their garden can also be irresistible.

It’s an important role in landscaping. Lighting design is an integral part of a landscape project. Properly selected and high-quality lighting will benefit from complementing the entire composition and highlighting the beauty of the garden.

When installing decorative lighting, even details such as the light spectrum are taken into account. Cold light, for example, better underlines coniferous trees, while thuja will be irresistible in the warm light rays.

Landscape lighting types

In addition to the decorative aspect, functional aspects such as the illumination of paths, building facades, ponds and small architectural forms are also taken into account in site improvements. In terms of functionality, lighting can be divided into several types:

Filler. This type of lighting is characterized by creating a comfortable and uniform light environment. In landscape lighting is used to illuminate recreation areas, driveways, parking lots and sports fields.

Accompanying person. It is used by designers both to create a general atmosphere in the garden and to illuminate paths (which is important at night), waterfalls, fountains, flower gardens, etc.

Technical. This view is used to illuminate the entire area around the perimeter, is indispensable in the presence of CCTV cameras, to improve visibility.

Decorative. In this case, the imagination of designers is limited only by the wishes of the customer.

Depending on the type of lighting, the type of wiring is chosen – high-voltage or low-voltage. This issue should be discussed at the very beginning of the project development in order to avoid additional costs for rework.

Garden lighting

At the same time, the issue of energy saving is also relevant. At the moment on the market there are many types of lighting fixtures with different energy consumption. Which lamp will look better on your site, whether it will not harm the plants, whether the network will cope with the loads – all this is being worked out during project development.

Now there are a lot of ways and devices to make site improvement beautiful and well-groomed, and garden lighting is no exception. But to consider all nuances, without breaking the concept of the design project, under the force of only experts. After all, well-thought-out lighting, as a good diamond setting, will allow your garden to shine with new faces.

Our experts, like true jewelers, will make your site a real treasure that will delight you day and night.

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