Modern landscape design in North York


Modern landscape design in North York stands at the junction of architecture, construction and crop production. It includes the decoration of park zones, large green areas and homestead lands.

Until recently, this type of improvement of the territory was available only to wealthy people, but the situation has changed. Ideas of landscape design in North York allow everyone without exception to create a comfortable and beautiful area. Decorate stylishly and modernly you can even a small cottage.

Wonderful styles of landscape design will turn the yard near the cottage into a cozy and stylish park zone.

What is modern landscape design in East York?

Modern landscape design in East York is the development and implementation of measures to transform and decorate the land plot, the main task of which is to demonstrate the harmony of beauty and functionality of the garden space. Thanks to this, not only the land, but also private milking and any other farm buildings have the same design style.

Usually to create a single composition of landscape design in East York all plants are divided into groups and planted in a certain proximity to each other. They are not planted in a straight line, as this stops the formation of bushes.

When developing a modern landscape design project in North York it is worth considering climatic factors, because some plants can not grow in conditions such as cold summers or heavy rain. But still the design involves not only landscaping of land, but also decoration of the territory:

  • lawns
  • flowerbeds
  • lanes and sites
  • fountains, artificial reservoirs and other garden elements

Designing a garden space in North York

When creating a landscape design project in North York it is worth taking into account the entire territory of the land plot. It should lead to a beautiful view of the land plot from any point.

It is obligatory to lay a sufficient number of paths so that you can easily reach any corner of the farmland. You should also pay attention to the garden beds.

At the site, you need to maintain a balance between buildings and landscaping. That is, the mass of all buildings should be compensated by the mass of greenery. A small house in the center of a huge plot will look ridiculous. This also applies to the huge houses on small plots – not nice and not aesthetically pleasing. When designing a garden space in North York should take into account the size of all objects located on the site.

Functional zoning for landscape design in York

If you do not break up the area into functional zones, it will not look nice and neat. Dividing into zones allows to use all existing reserves of the land plot to the maximum.

Before dividing into zones it is necessary to install all the features of the site: the relief, contours, location of the electric cable, green areas already available in the territory, etc. All this is marked on the diagram, and only then the territory is zoned with all this information in mind.

In the area you need to highlight such zones as:

  • residential area
  • guest room
  • children’s
  • garden garden
  • entrance group (zone near the entrance or the entrance to the site, decorated with flowerbeds and interesting elements)

The choice of materials for modern landscape design in East York

In order to decorate a land plot in style, it is worth using a variety of materials. Today a lot of attention is paid to their ecological compatibility.

Especially often stone is used for modern landscape design. Which type of stone to use depends only on the financial solvency of the homeowner.

Glass is used to decorate individual elements. It is used to make stained glass windows or even entire static figures. But the figures for landscape design are most often made of copper. Since copper – an inexpensive and environmentally friendly material, but it requires special care, so as not to be exposed to corrosion.

The territory is often decorated with wooden products. This material has been in demand for many years. It is environmentally friendly and resistant to mechanical damage.

Harmony with wildlife

Conducting modern landscape works in North York helps restore contact between man and wildlife. Some parts of the land plot specially remain untouched, and the house and buildings fit into the natural interior.

All this allows you to save natural resources by using wind or solar energy. True, windmills and solar panels are not yet very common among landowners, but soon enough the situation should change.

Scientists are also busy creating a class of plant cultures that glow in the dark. So far, such plants have been bred in laboratory conditions, but soon novelties will appear on the world market.

You can also save electricity on the territory by using special luminous artificial stones. They spill paths or decorate the facade of the building, that is, when using them, you do not need electric lights.

Components of a modern garden in East York

To develop a beautiful and stylish design project of a land plot requires careful consideration of all its components. They must be maintained in the same style.

To make everything look as natural as possible, you should smooth out all the clear geometric lines so that they become smooth and blurred. Any object on the site should look like a component of wildlife.

Particular attention should be paid to flower beds. Their size and shape directly depend on the style of the site.

Perhaps the most important element of a modern garden in East York is a lawn, which is worth careful care. And, of course, on the territory of the entire site should be left tall trees and shrubs, which are styled as a single project.


To make the garden look full, it must be a lot of green plants. On the site should be cut down dry trees, leaving only green areas.

New trees should also be planted. They combine the details of the site into a single system, emphasizing the interesting layout of the area. For this purpose, bushes and trees should be planted in those areas of the site where they can emphasize the shape of the relief. They look great near the stairs, curves of garden paths and pergolas.

The paths through the territory should be laid between large plants.

Water bodies modern landscape design in York

The modern design of the site in York is already difficult to imagine without a pond. If the site has a natural pond, it is worth enriching. But most often an artificial reservoir is created.

Of course, not many people can build a swimming pool on the territory, but most homeowners are able to design an elegant pond. There are a lot of tanks: a pond with a fountain, decorative bolts, children’s pools, miniature reservoirs in barrels, etc. Any of these reservoirs have their own features, design rules and purpose.

For example, decorative bogs are typical for areas located in the lowlands, and waterfalls look gorgeous in areas located on a slope.

Architectural elements in modern landscape design

Decorative structures are important details of landscape design. They are divided into large objects, small architectural compositions and small elements. All these structures must be combined with each other and with other decorative elements.

Buildings that can ennoble the garden area, a lot. These can be living walls of plants, decorative trimmed shrubs, hedges in the form of labyrinths, benches made of different materials, arches. It is worth selecting the objects that will harmoniously fit into the project.

Ways and Paths

Garden paths in North York are a necessary detail of any modern landscape design. Sizes and number of tracks depend on the size of the garden area. They have not only practical but also decorative purpose, so it is worth to design them beautifully and in the style of the project landscape design.

Materials for their coverage is also worth choosing, based on the specific site and soil type. In order for the whole composition of the landscape design to look complete, the paths should be in harmony with the facade of the apartment building.

If there are hills and hollows on the territory, you should take it into account and include steps in the project. The whole network of paths and paths will pass through all the landscape elements in the territory, smoothly bypassing them. Also garden paths in East York can lead to some important architectural detail: a bench, a statue, a fountain.

Modern vegetable garden in East York

It is difficult to imagine a garden plot without a garden. In today’s environment and fashion for organic products is stupid to refuse to grow a garden. Fruits and vegetables will complement the appearance of the garden.

But it is worth organizing the garden correctly. It is worth thinking in advance where the beds will be located, and what kind of vegetables will grow.

Modern vegetable garden in East York should be located in the sunniest part of the site. It should be distinguished for neat appearance and convenient landing. The beds should be of the same size. Do not make them too wide, otherwise it will be difficult to reach the center of the bed, being on the path. The seedbeds should even be slightly raised. This will not only have a positive effect on orderliness, but also will significantly improve yield.

Framing of the bricks can be made of bricks. This will look neat. You can also use ready-made modular sections for the bricks. There are also special containers on sale, which are huge pots. They should be planted with plants. They look beautiful and are very mobile. If necessary, they can always be moved to another part of the garden.

Modern landscape lighting in North York

Landscape design provides an opportunity to make the territory beautiful both day and night. Magnificent appearance of the site in the dark time of day is achieved by all the rules selected by modern landscape lighting in the North York.

Luminaires used in landscape design should be attractive and proportional to the space being designed. They should look harmoniously on the site both in the daytime and at night. The supports of the constructions should look easy and graceful, only in this way they will harmoniously fit into the natural landscape.

There are a large number of varieties of modern landscape lighting. Vertical lanterns can be located near gates, building structures and flowerbeds. And the silhouette will be illuminated by illumination, located at the bottom of the garden object. To create a soft moonlight, you can place an uneven spotlight on a tree.

Water bodies require separate lighting. Their lighting must be in harmony with other lighting on the site. As for communications, they must be hidden from prying eyes. Engineering networks such as: rainwater, drainage, lighting should be beautifully decorated.


In whatever style direction the project of modern landscape design in North York is executed, it assumes qualitative registration of all territory. You should take care of paths, flowerbeds and vegetable gardens.

The perception of the whole design can spoil just one detail that falls out of the overall style. Landscape design is not just decorating the territory. It allows making the whole territory functional. Before you begin to ennoble the territory, you need to make a detailed plan of work and only then proceed to landscaping of the site.

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