Types and advantages of grass rolls


A well-groomed area of the countryside is an indicator of taste and diligence of the owners. Previously, growing a lawn on their own took a lot of time, but now there is an opportunity, quickly and without hassle, to ennoble the lawn with grass rolls. In this article we will examine whether grass rolls in Toronto is as good as they write about it.

What is a grass rolls?

Rolled lawn is a manufacturer-grown grass cover, packaged and brought to the site in the ready-made form. According to its composition grass rolls is a turf laid on a solid metal mesh-base. Technology of growing rolled turf consists of several steps:

  • Preparation of the field for sowing. Weeding, leveling, rolling the soil.
  • Partitioning the field into strips for further roll, conducting irrigation system.
  • A strong metal mesh is laid on the field, covered with fertile soil, and lawn seeds are planted. The grass is watered and fertilized regularly.
  • When the grass has grown to the desired height, the soil is separated by marking and taken to the customer.

The standard size of grass rolls is 2 meters long and 40 cm wide. Although by individual order it is possible to make the necessary dimensions for your site.

Pros and cons of grass rolls


Grass rolls in Toronto has advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of rolled turf include the following facts.

  • Adaptability of grass rolls to harsh weather conditions. Extreme conditions in the form of drought or frost less negatively affect such a lawn.
  • Lack of short terms of planting. The grass will take root even if you plant it in the fall, just before the cold weather.
  • The speed of appearance of the result. You will enjoy an even grass surface immediately after laying the rolls.
  • The absence of weeds. A dense layer of turf and reinforcing mesh will not let weeds to the surface.
  • Rolled lawn grass is resistant to fungal diseases.
  • Rolled lawn care is simple, not different from the care of the seed lawn.

But before choosing this type of coverage, consider the disadvantages of grass rolls.

  • The main disadvantage is the price. The cost of grass rolls is several times higher than the cost of seeding.
  • Approach the choice of the manufacturer responsibly. Unscrupulous seller saves on materials, the lawn will last one season and will require replacement.
  • A large weight of each standard roll is not less than 15 kg. For laying or even at least unloading the machine will need helpers. Specialized team can quickly cope with unloading and planting, but its call will cost extra money.
  • Short service time. Rolled turf is much less durable than the sown version.
  • If the area is heavily shaded, there is a risk that the lawn will grow slowly, turn yellow or will not take root at all.

Types of grass rolls


The choice of grass rolls depends on the destination. It is accepted to distinguish three main types of rolled lawns.

  • Universal grass roll turf. Standard coverage, used on household plots. Due to the strong varietal features, the grass easily adapts to climatic conditions, safely endures shade. Does not form gaps in the areas with constant traffic. A long-lasting and unpretentious option.
  • Sports lawn. A covering designed for a soccer field and other sports grounds. The features of sports turf in the plastic base, which avoids damage to the coating, as well as in the varieties of sown grass, resistant to trampling. These nuances of rolled turf make it resistant to constant movement on it, and require careful and regular special care.
  • Parterre roll lawn. A whimsical type of premium rolled turf. Grass varieties grown for this lawn are characterized by bright and uniform color, velvety to the touch structure. Demanding to the conditions of life: the lack of sun or overwatering of the soil can cause irreparable harm. The peculiarity of parterre lawn is its exclusive decorative effect: it is pleasant to look at, but not to walk on. It is also very difficult to lay grass rolls, because the roots must not be damaged in any way – this will cause a change in the shade of the individual area.

Choosing the right kind of turf is half the battle. Now you need to distinguish the quality coating from the short-lived one, and learn how to lay it. You can read about it in the blog of the site “Captain Handy”, or you can just ask us for help, because we are experts in our field and know everything about laying grass rolls in Toronto, and we will make you the lawn of your dreams!

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