Why do I need to tile laying in the kitchen or bathroom? Flooring.


Ceramic tile laying are waterproof, environmentally friendly and easy to use. If you have already started a cosmetic repair of the apartment, you will definitely need to install tiles. Ceramic tile – one of the most popular types of finishing materials, which is suitable for walls and flooring. Modern bathrooms and kitchens are most often covered with tiles or tiles. Among the main advantages of this material is its high practicality.

The mosaic tile, which includes tiles or glass, is considered fashionable today. The mosaic will forever change your idea about the usual decor in your apartment. It will decorate every corner of the room, and will bring purity and practicality to the house. Mosaic made of glass is the best option for any apartment: it is inexpensive, durable, resistant to abrasion, and waterproof.

Which tile should I choose? Tile laying.

Tile laying in Toronto is one of the most popular services. Before ordering a repair of the apartment, choose high-quality ceramic tiles. If you are going to decorate a house in Italian style, pay attention to tiles of golden shade. You should choose a glossy tile with rich color for the apartment in English style. Fans of the eastern interior should buy tiles of green, gray or dark brown color.

The modern design is famous for the variety of geometry in tile use. The tile can be of different shapes: round, triangular, square. In addition, the tiles alternate shades, colors and texture. Tile laying in Toronto involves creative thinking of the designer. He may combine different types of tiles, create ornaments and patterns from them, which will give a flavor to your apartment.

What should I pay attention to when buying tiles?

Immediately before buying a tile, carefully inspect its back surface. It should be smooth, without cracks or scratches. The front side of the tile should have a clear pattern without any scuffs. It is best to choose tiles with special grinding or relief for your bathroom so that you do not slip when water gets to the surface.

Also, pay attention to the tile strength factor. Often, even thin types of tiles can have a higher strength, so be sure to study the data on the purchased tiles. Our company “Captain Handy” provides services for laying tiles. We will gladly turn your home into a chic stylish home with a beautiful decor in the form of mosaic or ceramic tiles.

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