Why do you need waterproofing of the foundation


Concrete, which consists of each foundation, absorbs moisture. This has a negative impact on the construction, leads to the appearance of mold and rot, cracks and fissures in the base. With a long and strong impact of moisture foundation may skew, which leads to a skewed wall in the house.

In the basement, basement or underground floor of the building without proper waterproofing will be constantly flooded and dripping, and the walls – rotten and mold. In such a room you can not store food, tools or other items.

To avoid these problems, you must choose a concrete brand of at least M250. It is important to select quality materials, to observe the technology of foundation installation and, of course, to protect the structure from the negative impact of moisture. For this purpose, you can use traditional roll-fed or bulk materials.

The foundation is also smeared with special protective compounds, glued with waterproof materials or added to the concrete mixture of waterproofing components. Let’s take a closer look at what and why the waterproofing of the foundation. Learn how to properly make waterproofing work.

Why do you need waterproofing in Toronto

Whether it is necessary to do waterproofing of the foundation, depends on many factors. The need for this stage affects the specificity of the soil and the level of groundwater in the land, the climate of the region of construction, the quality of materials and works, the type of foundation.

Waterproofing will not be needed in areas with minimal precipitation and low humidity, hot regions, with low groundwater levels and in dry areas.

In other cases, waterproofing is important for each structure, including the column and tape, pile and screw, slab foundation. Waterproofing work must be carried out for the house with a basement and basement floor.

However, they are also needed for a building without a basement. Since waterproofing strengthens, increases reliability and durability of the structure as a whole. And the procedure is carried out to strengthen the foundation of a large country cottage, compact cottage, gazebo or summer kitchen, bath and even for the fence.

Waterproofing performs a number of important functions, among which:

  • Strengthens the structure and increases the service life;
  • Prevents distortion of the walls of the base and the house, the appearance of cracks;
  • Necessary to strengthen and finish the basement or basement, thereby increasing the usable area of the house;
  • Prevents leaks on the walls and flooding of basements, mold (which at constant dampness appears only 1-2 days!);
  • Simplifies the maintenance of the foundation, as it does not require frequent painting, filling gaps, etc.;
  • Protects the foundation from the negative impact of wind, precipitation, moisture from the soil.

It is especially important to strengthen and treat the foundation at a high groundwater level. High humidity and abundant water in the soil is a serious problem for every land plot. In this case, it will be necessary not only to make waterproofing, but also to develop a reliable drainage or drain the land in another way.

How to properly make waterproofing in Toronto

Experts advise to do waterproofing even at the stage of installation of the foundation. One of the most convenient and easy methods – the use of waterproofing and water-repellent additives for concrete mortar. By the way, such components not only protect against the negative effects of moisture, but also accelerate the solidification of the mixture, strengthen the structure and increase frost resistance.

You can choose such additives, which will immediately increase the water and thermal insulation.

Additional waterproofing create roll materials, mastic, bitumen and other such means, which are painted, impregnated or envelop the surface and foundation walls. In this case, there are two methods of work:

  • Horizontal waterproofing implies protection of the base, floor and supporting wall structure;
  • Vertical waterproofing – creating a protective layer on the vertical surface of the tape, post or monolithic plate. This layer protects against the negative impact of groundwater and precipitation.

You can choose one method or combine the two in a single moisture protection system. To organize the horizontal method even before pouring the concrete mixture, the formwork is covered with a layer of roofing felt or other roll material. Sheets are laid overlapping width of more than 30 mm. The joints between the sheets smeared with bituminous mastic. For greater protection, put a dense film of polyethylene on top. Already after the work done make reinforcement and pour concrete.

Waterproofing in Ontario after foundation installation

If you did not perform waterproofing during installation, do not worry. There are several ways that will help make these works after the concrete casting and construction of the base. In this case, use okleechnye waterproof sheet or roll materials from the bituminous polymer composition.

To fix such materials, sheets are glued to the surface of the foundation hot with a gas burner. But you can simplify the work with modern self-adhesive materials.

Lubricants – cement, bituminous and polymeric mortars, mastics or emulsions, which are applied with a brush, spatula or atomizer. Such means are suitable for creating basic waterproofing and subsequent repair and sealing of cracks, chips in the foundation.

Installation and arrangement of the foundation is a laborious and painstaking process that requires attention, accuracy and adherence to technology. Captain Handy” masters will reliably and qualitatively perform the construction of the foundation, waterproofing in Toronto and insulation of the structure.

The experts will analyze the soil of the land plot and choose a suitable type of foundation for the house, bath or arbor. Competently and quickly calculate the foundation, taking into account ventilation, sewerage and other engineering networks. We guarantee high quality and adherence to deadlines for country construction and decoration work!

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